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How Do I Start Using AAL for My Business?


First, we recommend that you call us at 561-844-4431.  We will discuss your company's monthly transaction volumes and prepare a proposal for services based on those volumes.


We will deliver you the proposal along with our company brochure, references, case studies, and a detailed list of services that are included in our monthly fee.


Upon accepting our proposal, we will send out a simple monthly contract for your signature. Your first payment will equal the monthly fee plus a set-up fee that covers transitioning your current system to AAL. This process includes providing you with the appropriate scanner for your volume of transactions, setting up your company on the online system, initial consultations with your Accountant or CPA Manager to determine your accounting requirements and schedule, and training for you and your staff on using our service.


Once your signed contract, and initial payment has been received, we will determine a team to work on your account. Your team will include a CPA manager and an accountant or  bookkeeper.  .


Finally, we will attach a two-part client questionnaire in which will be the first step in establishing your company information, current operating system and accounting software.


After we walk you through our system, you will meet with your new CPA who will go over the specifics of your account.




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