Linda Jayne, CPA (Retired)

Linda’s family left England to pursue the American dream.  Linda immigrated to the United States on the last voyage of the Queen Mary.

My family settled on a race horse breeding farm in Southeast Pennsylvania. My Dad worked as a gentlemen’s gentleman and my Mum worked as a ladies maid.  My childhood was unusual. I learned to curtsey to the royal family, travel to three different parts of the world while in school each year and learned that not everyone crosses the Atlantic glamourous ocean liners! In 1972, after having enough of the cold winters, my family moved permanently to sunny South Florida.

I graduated from Florida Atlantic University with my bachelor’s degree in Accounting and completed the requirements to sit for the CPA exam while working fulltime at an accounting firm.  My CPA license is active in both Florida and Georgia.

My 38 years of experience in accounting spans from international, regional and local firms including having my own firm. In 2011, I was searching for a change in my life. While Celeste and I were sitting at Starbucks drinking coffee she pressured me to take a chance and join the firm.  Three months later, I took the plunge! 

Building long-term relationships are very important to me.  I enjoy getting to know people on a personal and business level.  Some people tell me that I have unusual patience.  I guess I do.  I find that patience can be applied in problem solving and people skills.  This is as true in my business life as it is in my personal life.  I enjoy the challenge of taking a pile of records and building a set of books that eventually leads to filing a tax return.  One of the lawyers I worked with said “You have tenacity like I have never seen”.  I think it is my Greek-Cypriot heritage of stubbornness that explains that quality! Because of my heritage and involvement in the British chamber of commerce, I specialize in international work to assist resident and nonresident aliens.

I have to confess something: “Hi, My name is Linda and I am a coffeeholic and chocoholic. And, Oh let’s not forget about my love for specialty beers!”  I spend my free time scavenging through thrift, antique, and consignment shops. Hunting treasures from the past so that I can discover and tell their story. My dream is to travel the United States in my travel trailer with my significant other.

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