Maria Munoz

Maria is a self-proclaimed taco lover. She moved from Mexico to the United States of America for a marriage proposal. She admits it was difficult to give up real tacos for hamburgers!

My mama taught me how to work hard and not to give up when hard times comes your way. In Mexico, I attended a religious school where (after some convincing from my uncle) I decided to become an Accountant. While living in Mexico, I graduated from University with a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and Auditing. Then for the next 8 years, I worked as an Auditor for an International Accounting Firm.

Accounting is my passion after God and family. I enjoy preparing financial statements that reflect the everyday activities of a client’s business while adding a little bit of Spanish seasoning.

My interests include but are not limited to cooking, exploring new recipes, and reading psychology.  l enjoy simple pleasures like devouring an ice cream cone while walking in the park on a hot sunny day. Not sure why watching tennis fascinates me so but maybe it is because of how quick the players move around and react.

My husband and I reside in Lake Worth, Florida with our two beautiful daughters. I am the proud “Abuela” of a granddaughter and a grandson.

I’m tender in heart and care for others in need.   I wish that I could end poverty in the world and I wish I could give every person the opportunity to succeed in life.

Facts About Maria

Favorite Movies:

Gone with the Wind, Dr. Zhivago, Annie, Love Story

Where do you want to travel that you’ve never been?

Greek Islands and Italy

What is your nickname?


What is your spirit animal and why?

Bird, because I’m sensitive to the winds of life and what they bring

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