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Russ is officially retired but still comes into the office several days a week.  He enjoys being able to come to the office and we enjoy having him.

I have worked in the accounting field for over 50 years and still enjoy going to tax conferences and seminars.  My expertise is in tax matters especially trust and estate taxes.  I have worked closely with lawyers regarding these tax issues.

My role in the firm is one of mentor.  I also continuously work on developing and keeping client relationships.  This is so much fun. 

My family moved from Massachusetts to Lake Worth, Florida in 1936. My parents did not want to deal with the cold, snowy weather and wanted to live somewhere warmer.  Florida has been my home for over 80 years.  I received my Bachelor’s degree in Accounting from Florida State University.

I have always been an avid tennis player as well as a self-proclaimed ladies’ man.   As the years march past, there is less of those pursuits and more doctors’ appointments. 

My favorite saying:  Accounting for fun and profit.

Facts about Russ

What makes your firm different from others?

All the pretty girls

What inspires you?


What are you known for?

Being a CPA (of sorts)

What does family mean to you?


What is an interesting fact about you?

In 2 weeks I will be 87 years old

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